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Yaku-NS (formerly ENS)

Yaku-ns (formerly ENS) is a small footprint, trivial to configure, DNS server. While the ENS primary target was the embedded systems yaku-ns, that's derived from the ENS source code, was fixed to be a real nameserver. Lists was replaced with hash tables, zone AXFR implemented in input, fix and RFC-like behaviours added.

However while a lot of the code is already implemented the project lacks documentation, testing, and an accurate development. Anyway it is already a lot better than ENS.
Major features are:


This software is under the GPL license

Download Yaku-NS

YAKU-NS is a work in progress
You can download the current source code using the sourceforge anonymous CVS server:

$ cvs login
CVS will ask for the password, just press enter, no password is required, than type the following to download the full source code:
$ cvs -z8 checkout yaku-ns
To update your source code tree change the current directory to /somewhere/yaku-ns, than just type:
cvs update

Warning: Documentation isn't up-to-date.


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the DENTS DNS server

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