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This is the framebuffer device driver for the standard and non-standard 256 color modes of the original VGA video card.

While the "tweaked" modes of the standard VGA don't provide a linear framebuffer, vga256fb emulate it in software, wasting your CPU and RAM but allowing a video mode up to 360x480 in 256 colors with VGA cards without VESA BIOS extensions.

Since vga256fb doesn't use the BIOS at all you can compile it as module, change the video mode at run-time, use tweaked and standard modes in different consoles.

Supported modes are the following (all the modes are 256 colors):
The vga256fb comes with a 4x8 (uuhh!) font to provide an 80x25 console in 320x200, and a 90x60 console in 360x480. As you can guess such font isn't so readable, however I developed part of this framebuffer using this console without too problems.

Fortunatelly the driver will allocate the memory and waste the CPU time only if you switch to a mode that requires linear emulation.


This software is under the GPL license

Download vga256fb

current version is 12-may-2001

get here the patch for Linux 2.4.4
get here the vga256ctrl utility to tune vga256fb (optional)


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